Ruby on Rails

From simple minimum viable products to complex applications, I use the structure provided by Ruby on Rails and the appropriate object abstractions to create extendible and dependable web applications. Additionally, projects are accompanied with sufficient tests for the developer's peace of mind.


As it is my primary programming language of choice, I strive to increase mastery over the language through deliberate practice. This includes open source contributions to Rubocop and frequent programming challenges

Learning Projects

I am flexible to using different tools to solve different problems. I explore new languages and frameworks as a means of discovering better practices and coding ideas. Some notable tools that I have found useful are React, Elixir and Express.

Community Involvement

As a volunteer coach for the Techladies Bootcamp Batch#3, I coached three ladies in a part-time immersive bootcamp over a period of 12 weeks- where I provided instruction, guidance and project management to the participants.
I have given two talks to the community at RubySG. My first talk was about a company practice that I introduced to Tinkerbox- practicing coding challenges together as a way of self-improvement. The second talk was a deeper dive into Ruby, specifically, what I learned about my first OSS contributions into Rubocop.
Rubocop is a static code analyser that enforces Ruby guidelines that are outlined in the Ruby Style Guide. I believe it is an invaluable tool to the Ruby community, and I look for ways to contribute to the repository whenever I can. You may view my past contributions here and here.